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MathMap Custom Script by photocomix-resources MathMap Custom Script by photocomix-resources
FOR Mathmap 1.2.x , compatible with Mathmap 1.3.x

This is a collection of custom Filters (in the terminology of mathmap "Codes" or " Examples", anyway they work as Filters) for Mathmap 1.2.1 (and superior )

Originally were published on the Flickr Mathmap Group on Flickr,or on the script and plugin board on [link].

Since are custom script they were not included in the official builds of mathmap

2 of this scripts are marked as WIP since the authors wished to add new options or refine them further, still they may be useful as they are (and a useful starting point for new scripts)

Included a page from [link] were most of the script are presented and commented by the authors

PhotoComiX 17/1/2008


some of those scripts are now included and more may be included in a future, in Mathmap

For some reason most of the script added were renamed ,so duplicates will be not automatically deleted

Duplicates create ( harmless) warning when you load mathmap (warning are about a component of MM the composer that may
use only 1 of the clones...obviously is not a problem and is easy spot the duplicates:
The REAL filter name is not the filename but that in the first line of the script after the comment(if any comment)
comments start with a # so the name is in the first line that does no start with #.
..scripts may be open with any text editor as the notepad
(Do NOT use word editor as MS Word only the simple Notepad)
BloodyThirsty88 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008
Very nice script. thanks for the share
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January 16, 2008
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