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Gimp - MathMap-1.2.4 Windows by photocomix-resources Gimp - MathMap-1.2.4 Windows by photocomix-resources
Mathmap is a very flexible Gimp plugin created and maintained by Mark Probst, official page is on [link]
where you may found most recent version also for Mac and Linus

This is a more recent version for Windows xp Vista , the last stable 1.2.4 , compiled time ago for Windows xp Vista by JamesH but was hard to be found.

I added to the default examples (filters) others originally created and shared by various author on Mathmap group on Flickr and on gimp sides as Gimptalk, and previously collected here [link] and here [link]

They are all grouped in

well ... should be clear

Extra_Animation FX
Result is a animation


This last is a very specific set :
all filters created to edit equirectangular images, ( most accept as input only images of exactly 2:1 ratio )


at start MM display a console with a ( harmless ) error message , you may ignore it and just wait for the real plugin interface to show up

2 "instant preview is enabled by default but, in windows that may block the sliders and sort of freeze the user controls.

Solution is simply uncheck "automatic preview "box, and click instead on the preview button when needed
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Soapart Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2011
Just wanted to say thanks for all your work and sharing.
TastesLikePurple Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2009
Although I'm a Linux user; I do, from time to time, play around with GIMP on my Vista laptop. You are one of the most resourceful GIMP users I've met. You have given so much to the GIMP community. You always helped me out when needed. I know I've said it before but I'll say it again...

You're a GENIUS!

Ate My Crayons
thank you

and thank to post here you remind me that now is out a more recent beta of MM

and that are more custom scripts available.

there is still some random quirks to be fixed in the script parser/editor but great advantage in speed

I wait a new release, and to check compatibility to all custom script to update this page
a2j3 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2008
Thank you for the newest version :highfive:
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